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Our Process

We identify what goals are most important to a client, design strategies to attain and sustain their vision, and put these strategies into monitored motion through a structured process.

Vision- What do you want your life to look like in the future? Is there a life situation that needs resolve?

  • We take the time to find out what your definition of success is. What specific goals do you have?

Realization- Are you on a path to get there? Are there concerns about accomplishing your vision?

  • We identify your financial inventory and address what it is and ISN'T doing for your vision. We analyze the current likelihood of achieving your vision using quantifiable and clear measures that can be tracked.

Plan- Are there more efficient ways to arrive at your vision? How can you engage with us in a manner that adds value to your life?

  • We construct efficiencies that make sense for your goals.  We educate you on AND reinforce all the positive decisions you have and will make moving forward.

Action- How do we put these efficiencies in place? What decisions do you need to make?

  • This is where your plan goes into motion! We execute the efficiencies and steps necessary to reach your vision while working closely with your other professionals (attorneys, accountants, etc.).

Track- How do we monitor progress and adapt for changes in life circumstances? What are the future expectations for both of us?

  • This whole experience is dynamic because life is as such. We consistently track progress and reinforce the path to your vision. As personal, financial or emotional changes in your life arise, we are here to reassess and adjust so that your vision is always the single priority for all involved.